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Intl stud book international federation of horseracing authorities. Q12345 any colour bay bay brown bay roan black black grey blue roan brown brown black brown roan buckskin chestnut cremello dark bay dark chestnut dun grey grulla light bay liver chestnut palomino palomino roan perlino red dun red roan roan chestnut sorrel taffy unknown. Arabian horse stud book volume xvi emirates arabian horse society united arab emirates. All anyone needs to know about your horse in one elegant and simple booklet. Any change of location of an unnamed horse born from 2016 onwards must be advised on an unnamed horse change of location form within seven 7 days of the change taking place refer to exceptions on page 1 of the form. The following is an excerpt from they rode good horses.

All breeding stock must be export approved by the ashs. Welcome to the purebred spanish horse pre stud book, the only pre stud book that is officially recognized by the government of spain and its ministry of agriculture mapa, to register pre horses worldwide. The horses of yarrawa park have featured in the pages of the australian stock horse journal many times over the last 35 years. Ashs guide to online stud book australian stock horse. The ihsgb is a passport issuing organisation, authorised by defra. Stallion directory, stallions, stallion services, horse. Currently the online stud book for the australian stock horse society has listed 558 registered progeny for warrenbri romeo. Possibly the most versatile breed of horse, the australian stock horse ash. It is with great humility and gratefulness that i express a need for a new home for this amazing mare. Weatherbys services to the british horseracing industry and. Australian stock horse stud book agricultural business research. Also have some older green hardback quarter horse stud books for sale. The dam of harry is karri, she goes back to abdul, he also won the warwick gold cup.

The shire horse society australias online studbook allows you to quickly find information on all the horses the association has registered. The passport includes all registration information, pedigree, dna and more. If you received an invitation email and would like to accept your invitation, please click here. Jones encourages all horsepeople to be flexible and willing to learn from each other. Australian stock horse stallion pedigree book, vol. Incredibly with the classification system in place australiawide at that time, it was noted that most horses could be traced back to a select group of 14 foundation horses of mostly thoroughbred descent. Goldmine mirage cremello australian stock horse, heritage stock horse. For a long time australian horseman and women have realised the value of the ash. These are heritage bred australian stock horses that have documented australian bloodlines back to horses of the waler era circa 1870 1945 or earlier.

The first fifty years of the american quarter horse association by don hedgpeth. Be descended from parents that are entered in the main section of the studbook and. The general stud book notes that he was a brother to old postboy and both were sired by dyers dimple ch c 1695c gsb1. Any horse that appears in the stud book that has usa in front. The irish sport horse studbook incorporates a main section and a supplementary section. Australian stock horse double silver taffy black silver ashs stud book stallion silvertop thats magic aka magic ashs reg 245751 homozygous silver will always. Australian stock horse or waler international museum of the horse. The permanent and strict breeding selection is performed every year and adapts to the challenges in the global equestrian sports and the needs of riders, breeders and horse lovers. Historically, documentation of the breedings that occur on a stud farm leads to the development of a stud book. Stallion studbook rimini park mozzimo 1423200v stallion bay 12dec2000 freedoms fellows lowlands isabella breeder. To establish the registry, the publishers used various records accumulated from horse racing in england. Glen gough was on hand to participate as an announcer and rider for the demonstrations, and was a valuable member of the information booth. It is used today in a wide variety of disciplines, and is still valued as a working horse by stockmen and.

Hardy oelke the amazing discovery of iberian wild horses in the american west. The growing movement of racehorses and the breeding stock required a new consistent and modern. In horse breeding, the terms foundation sire and foundation mare or dam refer to. Appaloosa horse club stud book and registry, volume iv hardback in very good to excellent condition. Definition a thoroughbred is a horse which is recorded in a thoroughbred stud book approved by the international stud book committee at the time of its official recording. Have you completed your annual stallion registration. Reining, western riding, working cow horse location. Open minded and willing to learn from all types of horse handling, from south american methods to european dressage, mr. Heavy horses is software to manage your horse registry. If you look at the history of thoroughbred equine racing information today youll see that this sport is referred to as the sport of kings by numerous different racing lovers.

Horse stud book horse resources horse directory australia. Containing foaling and covering results for the 2019 breeding season. Australian stock horse stallion services horse deals. This is how the paint horse associations around the word were formed feel free to have a look around our site and if you are wanting to contact phanz, our details are on the contact page. A select group of primarily thoroughbred mares were mated to a first cross quarter horse stallion, retford quarter inch by mescal, and it was the progeny from these that were classified and entered into the studbook of the ash society. Australian stock horse studbook the domain name is. This horse is listed in the original foundation stud book and in echo of hoofbeats as f28. You can read more of the history of the general stud book gsb on its own dedicated page here. Alphabetical index of stud books 143 2 volume set aqha on. Access to the information provided in this database is only for imhr members and those owning or purchasing imhr registered horses. Volume i of their stud book contains records from 20182019. Australian stock horse stallions at stud has 7,199 members. Vitiello will be denied all privileges of the american stud book permanently, effective jan.

At ingleside we also have a passion for our australian stock horses, which we use as part of our horse breaking business au for general stock work, as polocrosse horses and for general enjoyment. The next time your horses papers are printed when sold or upgraded, this information will be included. Album album album album album album album album album album album album presenting auctions by scootinscotti proudly serving the ebay community since 1999 save on shipping by winning multiple auctions. This honor went to king ranchs wimpy, a grandson of old sorrel. Standardbred, trotter, stock horse, quarter horse, new zealand, stud book. The official quarter horse breed registry in new zealand, affiliiated with the american quarter horse association. Quarter horse stud books for sale, thoroughbred stud books. A book registering the pedigrees of thoroughbred animals, especially horses.

This site is for advertising stock horse stallions stud fees only. Find the stallion, mare of foal you are looking for in the aes database. New, used, rare and outofprint horse books for sale. To be registered, horses must be able to trace their ancestry in an unbroken line back to iceland. Australian stock horse breeders horse directory australia new. It is a hardy breed of horse noted for endurance, agility, and good temperament. A stud book is any book, register, file or data medium which is maintained by a recognised organisation, and in which equines are entered or registered with reference to all their known ascendants. When the american quarter horse association aqha was founded in 1940, the founders agreed that the grand champion of the 1941 fort worth fat stock show would be recorded as number one in their stud book. Breeding and identification of thoroughbred horses.

The american kennel club is an example of a kennel club with primarily closed books for dogs. North american studbook north american warmblood registry. The book is maintained to include all sires, mares and foalings and a horse is not eligible for registration unless it is the progeny of a sire and dam also registered in the stud book, has been freezebranded, and has had a dna. The first australian stock horse presented at this enormous public event, was cadabra aus, and maryanne and jacquie ran the first australian stock horse booth at this event. Access to the online stud book is available for no fee to all dues paying members of the association. Since the closure of the societys stud book, only horses that comply with the. Stud service horse classifieds by, part of the, llc group of websites. Find australian stock horse stallion services in australia.

Walkers west the complete list of the 115 foundation. The north american studbook is now offering a full equine passport. Stock horse of texas shtx is the oldest versatile stock horse association in the country a true original that continues to innovate. Usa horses any horse that appears in the stud book that has usa in front of the number is not registered with this association. Berragoon is a boutique australian stock horse stud, and artificial breeding facility, located at holbrook in southern nsw. Australian stock horse breeders, stallion at stud directory, horses for sale, palomino, part. Choose association australia belgium brazil colombia denmark ecuador england finland france germany italy mexico. Horse directory with information on rules of stud books, horse name search, stallions at stud, foaling year, sire, dam, statistics, identification process, australian. The general stud book is recognized as the official. The australian stock horse evolved through selective breeding in response to. The registered animals and all subsequent offspring trace back to the foundation stock. Find quarter horse stallions at stud with our online stallion directory. A closed stud book is a stud book or breed registry that does not accept any outside blood. Aromist australian stock horses, at stud, for sale, foals.

He is a truly exceptional horse that looking for a blue roan tennessee walking horse. The performance registry was introduced to register those horses that are not eligible to be accepted for ax, a or q registration. This ensures that the animal is a purebred member of the breed. The australian stock horse or stockhorse, has been especially bred for australian conditions. In horses, an example of a closed stud book is that of the thoroughbred, with a stud book tracing to 1791. Stock horse double silver taffy black silver ashs stud. For everything horse breeding and stud management use horse books as your guide. If you are looking for a breeding horse do your research to make you select the right horse breed.

To be recognised as a standardbred, a horse must be recorded in the stud book. The word stud comes from the old english stod meaning herd of horses, place where horses are kept for breeding. Studbook american quarter horse association of new zealand. The american quarter horse, the worlds most versatile and most popular breed, is steeped in rich history. Subscribers racing australia limited acn 105 994 330 and other parties working with it racing australia limited acn 105 994 330. The berragoon australian stock horse stud was founded in 1974 by mrs. Our horse breeding dvds are a fantastic guide from mating preparation to foal management. International stud book committee conditions of registration of the jockey club of kenya stud book subject to the rules of the jockey club of kenya 148 165.

It is possible that the dimple in question was the devonshire dimple, about whom nothing much is currently known. We have 87 acres of land situated 1180m above sea level and are surrounded by 36,000 hectares of state pine forrest. The kuwait thoroughbred stud book was unanimously granted approved stud book status by the international stud book committee at its twoday annual meeting in london in october. Ashs guide to online stud book australian stock horse society. To be eligible to compete in an australian stock horse event, the online stud book must indicate the competition status field as eligible. Premierships stud book information centre stallions standing use the search below to find breeding information on an individual horse or select one of the other specific search options available. Situated on 4000 acres in the beautiful wantagong valley the property boasts ample space for artificial breeding and growing out some of the countries best performing sports horses. With members throughout europe, registration with the aes signifies a qualitybred horse. Pam mills, at burrabogie station, in the heart of the riverina, east of hay. The progressive nature of the warrenbri stud operating within an extremely progressive market is unmistakeable. Our horses have no quarter horse or any other modern breeds not in existence in australia in the waler era.

Since the closure of the societys stud book, only horses that comply. A stud farm or stud in animal husbandry is an establishment for selective breeding of livestock. Australian stock horse stallions at stud public group. Undeterred, fans of colorful stock horses formed a variety of organizations to preserve and promote paint horses.

View our range of horse breeding and stud management books and dvds. Horses that are not eligible may be either deceased, owner unfinancial, sold to a nonmember, registration suspended, only foal recorded or registered for breeding purposes only on society records. Greek mythology records the epic exploits of a wonderful winged horse named pegasus. Hambletonian abdallah x charles kent mare dolly spanker henry clay f52 x telegraph lizzie hayden. Standing at stud harry redford, ch colt who is eligible for registration in the ash studbook. If you have had genetic coat colour testing on your horse, the phaa offers you the new service of having this information recorded in the stud book, free of charge. In france the stud book francaise beginning in 1838 originally included two classifications. Studbook selection is a process used in certain breeds of horses to select breeding stock. The aes is a highly regarded studbook registering quality sport horses.

Includes alphabetical index for registration numbers 1 through 812,000. A very well written, thoughtprovoking book with over 90 spectacular full color photos of wild horses. A horse is not a registered icelandic unless it holds a passport from an icelandic horse breed society such as the ihsgb or any other feifrecognised organisation. Used, rare and outofprint horse books for sale thoroughbred, quarter horse, paint and appaloosa breeds. Egyptian bloodlines explained institute for the desert. Welcome to the australian stock horse society the australian stock horse society was established in 1971 in scone, new south wales with the aim of preserving and promoting the bloodlines of the australian stock horse, recognised for its versatility and superior performance amongst work and leisure breeds. However, it has not been until recent years when australia has been demonstrating to the rest of the world what equestrian champions are truly made of. The law family were proud to recently have their late resident sire nabinabah cool gun is recognised as an impact sire in the australian stock horse society stud book. Find australian stock horse stallions in our stallion guide and contact. Quarter horse online stud book del rio quarter horses. Horse directory with information on rules of stud books, horse name search. If your horse is an akhalteke purebred and is only ataa registered, please check with the ataa registrar about getting your horse vniik registered as well. Berragoon ash stud the next champion is born, make it yours.

The american stud book headlines page 1 of 1 bloodhorse. It allows a breed registry to direct the evolution of the breed towards the ideal by eliminating unhealthy or undesirable animals from the population. An introduction to a general stud book was published in 1791, and volume 1 in 1793. Studbook definition of studbook by the free dictionary. The man trains horses, makes saddles, is an expert photographer, can illustrate with beautiful drawings, and write in an interesting manner. The societys joy poole says abbey has had the greatest influence above any other horse. Horse studbook and the irish draught horse studbook. Abbey now has over 33,000 descendents recorded on the australian stock horse society stud book.

Choose association australia belgium brazil colombia denmark ecuador england finland. Frequently referred to as the mother stud book, it has been the model for horse registers around the world. It also has convenient pages for all your medical and show records, approvals and federations record. Stock horse of texas is designed for riders of all experiences to learn and compete in an environment that is friendly, affordable and designed to fit all levels of riding. In 1974, peter published the australian stock horse stallion pedigree book now a collectors item for the assistance of other breeders. Imhr offers no warranties or guarantees that the information contained herein is correct or verified.

The international stud book committee isbc first met in october 1976 and. Its ancestry dates to the arrival of the first horses in australia, brought from europe, africa, and asia. Exceed and excel aus serenissima aus 1090194 racing australia limited. The horse is recorded with our association as a forebearer of an imported horse that is registered with us. It allows a breed registry to direct the evolution of the breed towards.

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